Fluke Multifunction Installation Testers

Fluke Multifunction Installation Testers work safer, protect the installation under test and share results

Fluke 1660 Series test to BS7671 18th Edition and more.

The 1660 Series are the latest in the line of Multifunction Installation Testers from Fluke built to test fixed wiring installations based on the HD 60364-6 regulation including UK BS7671 18th Edition.

Did you know?

The latest update of the BS 7671 18th Edition requires insulation test between all live conductors.

The Fluke 1664 FC Installation Tester is the only tester with “Insulation PreTest” which warns you about potentially serious and costly mistakes.

Be safer, be faster, stay connected

Insulation PreTest

Protect the installation and avoid costly mistakes. If the tester detects that appliances are connected to the system during test, it will stop the insulation test and provide a visual and audible warning.

Auto Test

Reduce test time up to 40%, reduce the number of manual connections and decrease the possibility of making errors. Do all required installation tests in ONE sequence, ensuring compliance with local installation regulations.

Fluke Connect

Save time without losing information. Eliminate data entry by wirelessly syncing measurements directly from your installation tester. Retrieve stored results from the office or in the field to make decisions in real time.

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166216631664 FC
Insulation-PreTest™ safety function
Insulation at L-N, L-PE, N-PE inputs
Auto Test sequence
Fluke Connect® compatibility
Test smooth dc sensitive RCDs (Type B/B+)
Earth resistance
Covering all basic installation test functions
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Application note

Testing RCD

Application Note
Verifying the correct and safe operation of RCDs involves a number of dedicated tests, all of which can be carried out using the Fluke 1660 Series.



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