Airflite NATA Calibration Centre

All-In-One NATA Calibration and Asset Management Service

NATA calibration

NATA Calibration

We pride ourselves in the fact that we strive to deliver a service that exceeds the minimum requirements. We offer NATA Calibration and Traceable Calibration Certificates.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Our team uses the latest in asset management software and related services to ensure your equipment is always managed to the latest ISO standards.



With over thirty years experience in the aviation industry, Airflite provides customer centred sales service and partnerships with global brands.

Fluke Distributor

Airflite is a proud Authorised Fluke distributor for Western Australia, helping our clients with purchasing and after sales support.

We Specialize in...
Infrared Temperature (NATA)

  • Infrared Thermometers
  • Infrared Imagers

Pressure (NATA)

  • Pressure Gauges
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Pressure Indicators

Pressure (traceable)

  • Pressure Switches
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Pressure Calibrators
  • Pressure Controllers

Electrical (NATA)

  • Multifunction Installation Testers
  • Portable Appliance Testers
  • Insulation Resistance Testers
  • Continuity Testers
  • Earth (Ground) Testers
  • Loop/Line Impedance Testers
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) Testers
  • Ground Bond Testers
  • Leakage Current Testers
  • Voltmeters
  • Multi-meters (Analogue and Digital)
  • Hi-potential (Hi-Pot) Testers
  • Clamp Meters (AC/DC up to 1000A)

Mass (traceable)
Verification in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications to 100kg

  • Spring balances
  • Scales

Dimensional (traceable)

  • External Micrometers Up to 50mm
  • Vernier Callipers Up to 250mm
  • Dial Indicators

Torque (traceable)

  • Beam Type Torque Wrenches
  • Click Type Torque Wrenches
  • Electronic Torque Wrenches
  • Torque Screwdrivers

Fluke Test Equipment
Airflite NATA Calibration Centre
Airflite Calibration Services offer management and calibration of equipment with rapid turnaround and free collection and delivery within the Perth Metropolitan area. Airflite’s Metrology Laboratory is accredited for compliance with AS ISO/IEC17025–Calibration by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) under Certificate No.18436 for Electrical Pressure and Infrared Temperature items as listed below. We offer traceable calibration for all other items.

What Can You Expect From Airflite Calibration Centre

Airflite Calibration Centre is accredited for compliance with AS ISO/IEC 17025 – Calibration by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) under Accreditation Number 18436 for Infrared Temperature, Electrical and Pressure and offer traceable calibration for all other disciplines listed. We also offer free collection and delivery service within the Perth Metro area and a calibration certificate containing the uncertainty of measurement is included with each returned item.
Infrared Temperature (NATA)
Electrical (NATA)
Pressure (NATA)
Pressure (traceable)
Torque (traceable)
Dimensional (traceable)
Mass (traceable)

At Airflite we offer a complete end-to-end asset management service which include tracking of calibration due dates and equipment location. Using the best in class MET/TEAM® Calibration Management Software our team can track, locate and send out detailed reports for items due calibration. Our process meets the requirements of quality standards like ISO 9000, ISO/IEC 17025, NRC 10 CFR, ANSI Z540.3, and others.
Perform automated calibration
Improve productivity
Perform controlled, consistent tests
Comply with standards
Eliminate errors
Track asset information
Configure and report a wider range of measurement
Our metrology team has over thirty years experience in the industry and a wealth of product specific knowledge. Part of the sales process at Airflite is to take the time to understand our clients, their business and their needs. Our aim is to ensure we help our clients purchase the right equipment for their environment. All equipment purchased from us comes with a free calibration certificate that is valid for one year. Some of the areas we specialise in:
Building infrastructure
Calibration tools
Electrical testing
Intrinsically safe
Mechanical maintenance
Temperature measurement
Thermal Imaging
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